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Android P at a

So Google released android P Developer Preview 1 for developers to test their apps on the new update. So what android P brings to the plate. According to Google, in 2018 more phones are to be seen with 18:9 aspect ratio and with a notch. So, Google added a notch simulation for developers. To activate goto developer tools.

So here is what's new


Everything Circular: As we know, from Oreo Google is testing a circular UI on their apps icons. Now Google have seem to take it one step further and added circular design to almost everything. Starting from the notification panel to settings app, everything has a rounded corner aspect. Google may be obsessed with circular design but personally I am not a fan of circular design.


Improved Notifications: With Android P, the notifications have got smarter too. Now the message reply shows possible replies that can be sent. Also messages now shows the last three conversations to remember what are you talking about(I don't know what took them so long but I wanted this from the begining :silly). Also you can snooze certain notifications for small amount of time by swiping them. Also the clock from the status bar had move to the left of the screen now. Also the settings button on quick setting has moved to the bottom of the notification menu for easier accessing.


Gradient search menu: In Oreo, Google moved the search bar to the bottom of the screen. Now google has added a gradient behind it for easier access in light wallpapers. Also the app menu changes color in respect to the light or dark background.


Autofill for apps: Lastly With Android P google added autofill for apps to. Its same as google's own password manager that fills usernames and passwords in websites. instead Google has bought that feature to all apps.

Minor Changes

With every android version there is always a lot minor changes that some of are notices. So here they are.
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions Indoors
  • New Transition Animations
  • Volume Rocker Controls Media by Default
  • Multi-Camera Support
  • HTTPS Is the Default for Apps
  • Restoring Your Device Requires a Passcode
  • Unified Fingerprint Authentication Dialog
  • Lockdown Mode
  • Background Apps Won't Have Mic and Camera Access
  • Alert Tone When Your Call Is Being Recorded
  • Hidden Signal Strength Numbers
  • Modifiable LTE Signal Bars
  • Screenshot Editing
  • An Easier Way to Take Screenshots
  • Lock Landscape Mode
  • Battery Percentage in Ambient Display

Although google did removed that quick settings sub menu which let the user to choose from available Wifi networks and bluetooth devices. I personally loved that feature but now it takes you to settings.


So surely all these features look intimidating to you. But the sad reality is not everyone will be able to experience android P as only 1.7% of devices has been updated to Oreo. So that leaves us around 1% of people will be upgraded to Android P. All the features are in DP1 and its to look how many of them stand till the final release.
- Ayan Banerjee