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Best Picture

Shape of Water

So last Sunday in the Oscars premier also known as The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces the best picture as the Shape Of Water.

So What does this tell us about the Academy?

The Academy every chooses the best picture out of the blue. So how does they do it? Well Here's how: The members at the academy first vote and then jog down to five or six pictures. Now the picture with less votes is selected and the members who voted that picture is asked "What would they vote as an second alternative to the remaining pictures?" and they vote their alternatives. Then again the movie with less votes is selected and same thing happens. Now this goes on again for the remaining pictures untill one picture remains and is selected to be the best picture.

The Shape of water : A movie that paces accordingly

At first seeing or from trailer you may not love the movie but as the movie progresess over time you will instantly fall-in love with the characters. From the mute character portrayed by Sally Hawkins to Octavia Spencer, everybody did such a remarkable performances that plays on your mind over and over again. The story also not only revolves around the central couple but its generosity of spirit also extends beyond to everyone. The film revolves around a mute character who sees the monster as same as her without talking and thinks that the monster sees her as she is and not some mute cleaning lady. The negative character played by Michael Shannon is also truly mesmerising as also seen in Nocturnal Animals and Man of Steel. This movie blends an amazing fairy tale with a freshly spinned classic monster movie for a joyful experience.


Overall, if you hadn't had seen it yet you are missing something. So go this weekend to your nearest theatre and watch it with your friends and family. -Ayan Banerjee