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Monty Hall problem

I am not a fan of maths but there is this problem that I found that is being stuck in my head for a long time and is a thinker. And this is not only me but it has also been stuck to some of the worlds renoun mathematicians. The problem is this :
" There are three doors, one of them has a car and the other two has goats. Now you choose a door. After choosing a door I reveal you a door that has goats. Now you are allowed to change your answer to the remaining door. Do you switch? "

Now think about this for a while and figure and what you would do before continue reading... This problem is known as The Monty Hall problem named after the game show host Monty Hall. This problem has been for more than five decades. So what you do?

Here is what Marilyn Vos Savant said when some reader gave her the problem. She is an American public figure known for having the highest IQ according to Guinness Book of Records. She said " You should always switch. "
Now to common people like us here's how is it: You chose a door , you know whats on the other then it becames a 50-50 chance of getting a car or a goat. But its wrong and here's what Marilyn Vos Savant meant when she said that you should switch: Let's say the car is in door three and you chose door one. Now two doors have goats and one has a car so it's more probable to choose a goat then a car. Heck it's 2/3rd more likely to pick a door with goat then to pick a car. Now when you know another door with goat in it then you have a more likely chance to win a car if you choose to switch. Although this doesn't work all the time but it's expected to work 2/3rd times. Marilyn Vos Savant received a tonn of letters after this calling her dumb but apparently she was right and everyone understood it few years later. Sure it takes time to take all this so I leave you there.
Try to understand it and if not then at the end of the day a goat is not bad at all. -Ayan Banerjee