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Hi, welcome to Orilliance. My name is Ayan banerjee and I am a 19 year old Full stack developer student. I am from Kolkata and is expertise in Mean and Mern Stack. This Blog is created to help others about problems that I wish were there when I started into this field. I will be posting all possible solutions, latest tricks and techniques to help others get into web development. Thats not it, I also focus site and cyber security and how to protect your privacy online as today's online world can be very tricky with all those cyber crimes done day to day. The site is designed purely on Nodejs and ExpressJs without any additional library like Bootstrap or framework like Angular. There is also a contact form in this site to post your queries. In future, There will be a comments and like section too but no ETA as of now. This Blog is not fixed on any particular topic and I post things that I like in any topic related.

Why should I visit you?

Now to address the more important question as to why should you visit me. For starters , this blog has an unique design that you probably haven't seen before. Next up, I post content that will help to grow your knowledge of things, phenomenon and the internet.

I visited you now what?

First of all thanks for visiting me and I would like you explore the site small features as there are so many and also like you to see the responsiveness. Note:As the site has lot of design layouts, Its always not possible to make everything responsive perfectly. If you found any such design breakouts, Don't hesitate to contact me from the site form.


I will not bore with site introduction anymore as I already have. So in conclusion I would like to add thanks for visiting the blog and for cooperating. Hope this blog is of some help. If you need info on a particular topic related to web, don't hesitate to contact. -

Ayan Banerjee